Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It’s the First Sign of the Apocalypse
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I have signed Ice Prince up for soccer. I am going to be a soccer mom. This should be interesting. How long do you think I’ll last before I BEG Fresh to take him instead?

I’ll have to talk to other moms and dads, probably. Ick.

Really, I should be more open minded. I mean, there’s got to be another mom out there like me I could bond with. One who doesn’t think “Three Martini Playdate” is a work of fiction. One who doesn’t buy her clothes at Weekenders and her make-up from Avon. One who wouldn’t take me seriously when I say stuff like “Mommy can’t buy you that toy because she blew all our money on the ponies.”

Am I a snob? I’m the Ice Queen, would you expect anything else?

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