Monday, March 13, 2006

The Finger Takes You to Eva’s Concert Last Night
Fresh and I headed downtown to see Eva’s concert.
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Here she is! See how popular she is? We had to sit way back here! My camera batteries were almost dead and it wouldn’t zoom, golldarnit!
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Proofreading at intermission.
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Fresh stood up and moved in closer to get a better picture.
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I was trying to catch a pic of Maria at the end of our row. Didn’t capture her, but check THIS out: sacrilege! Eva, please tell me this Neanderthal isn’t someone you know. (okay, okay, it WAS intermission, but still!)
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Seriously, this concert was so fantastic, I nearly cried when it was over. It was like having warm water pouring over you. It was like and hour and a half of foreplay. “It was soul stirring,” said Fresh. Yeah. Whoa. So good.

These amazing singers got up and did their songs backed by the full string orchestra, including our heroine, Eva!

Kevin Fox was the best. He reminded me of Elvis Costello crossed with Rufus Wainwright, which is high praise indeed from me. We heard he had a CD, so Fresh asked him about it and he gave us one. What a sweet guy!

It was wicked good. Thank you, Eva.

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