Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Yes, Let’s Just Insult the Interviewer. That’ll Work.
So. The interview for the comedy writing job. We’ll call the guy Alex.

Reception buzzes the guy to let him know I’m there. About five minutes later, a guy shuffles out, looks around in a distracted sort of way, then stares at me silently.

“Uh, hi.” I said.
He stared, emotionless.
“Are you Alex?”
He nodded. So I got up and introduced myself.

We went into the meeting room. He explained they are looking for a writer for a morning show on a retro-ish station based in St Catharines. He played me a clip from the show. It wasn’t funny. In fact, I felt there were some basic problems with why it didn’t work. I told him so. He looked offended: “I thought it was funny.” and asked how I’d fix it. Nothing came to mind.

He didn’t speak much and when I asked questions, he answered them, but as if he couldn’t understand why I was asking. I got the sense that he either didn’t like me, or was on drugs.

Anyhow, not sure what will happen. He did agree that perhaps I could do an assignment or two to see how I’d do. But all very vague. I just wish he’d smiled or something! My attempts to be charming were met with blank stares.

This morning I e-mailed him a short bit that I thought would have improved the clip he played for me. Pretty clever writing, I thought. I’ll either insult him further or prove my point. We shall see. At least I showed some initiative. I have an adrenaline headache.

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