Tuesday, July 12, 2005

That Not So Fresh Feeling
I've been a little stressed and crabby lately, what with:
1. Fresh being up in Quebec for two weeks of French immersion.
2. Heat. Bloody incessant heat!
3. Overwhelming desire to dye my hair, usually brought on by Fresh's absence and/or existential crisis. We shall overcome!
4. Plotting to either take over boss's job (it's okay, boss is leaving anyway) or forge new career in HR. Yes, I generally don't like HR people. They never seem to do any work, and seem to get paid too much and have lots of executive access and first dibs on the juiciest gossip....hey, it actually sounds kind of appealing!
5. Blueberries on sale for $1.77 a pint. Must make more muffins....
6. Complaining everywhere! Besides almost killing the woman at work, people complained about my homemade putting green (you try making something out of two feet of astro turf, 5 coffee cups and some green and white file folders. I'm brilliant, people, don't you see!), the kiwi on the fruit trays at my office picnic (not ripe!), the beer nuts (stuck together due to the humidity), the nut trays (you don't expect us to use our hands? Yes! Don't you wash yours? I do.), and of course a few snipes at why I had time to plan so many office parties. Do I do any work? Piss off!
7. Too hot for nylons. I just don't feel together without my nylons.
8. Tired of writing this list.

Going to check my muffins and drink another Diet Coke. So....hot.....

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