Monday, July 04, 2005

It's Good to Be Queen
Remember I sent in my Greatest Hits link to an ad for a comedy writer? Well! The director wants to meet with me. "I read your lyrics. Funny." he said.

Someone who might be willing to PAY me for writing my goofy songs? It's a dream come true! But can I do it freelance?

Anyway, still thrilled to have a real award winning comedy guy (he directed 50 episodes of This Hour) find my stuff funny.

Need coffee but can't fit my inflated ego through the door. All the stuff that hit the fan in my absence here at my real job should deflate me within 30 minutes.

But still!

(Oh yeah, and some dull job here I sent a resume in for, like, two months ago wants to see me. Later this month. Gee...which do I prefer....communicating computer requirements or writing song parodies?)

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