Friday, July 22, 2005

Los Canciones!
Okay, I found out why I didn't understand 75% of Ice Prince's songs he was practising for Le Spectacle at French Camp.

There were Spanish.

They have a Spanish music teacher who plays guitar and looks eerily like someone in Gypsy Kings. They started off with Guantanamera. The kids had drums and maracas. IP had a maraca and was doing an improvised Cha Cha Cha solo in the middle of the floor. That's my boy!

They finished with Hot! Hot! Hot! It was a good show. Now I want to run away to Spain. Actually, I've always wanted to run away to Spain: sunshine, seafood, cats, sea, wine...ah! And I love Spanish. So much easier to speak than French.

I have cleaned the house from stem to gudgeon (I didn't even know we HAD a gudgeon). It feels good.

Oh, and on the way to my office building, a guy checked out my cleavage and then tripped on the pavement. I've still got it!

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