Monday, March 01, 2004

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Dr. Hibbert: So, we got the CT results back. Good news. There's no sign of cancer. (Dr. H looks visibly relieved)
Me: Good...
Dr. H: But it does show scarring from past tuberculosis.
Me: I've never had tuberculosis.
Dr H: (big pause) Oh dear. Had any night sweats?
Me: Yeah...last week.
Dr. H: (another big pause) Oh dear. I think we'll give you a TB test. Come back on Wednesday for the results. And take the rest of the week off and rest. You look exhausted.

Tuberculosis used to be fatal and all, but not any more, so don't worry. Boomer, don't tell my boss yet, I'll call her. (She's a bit of an alarmist when it comes to sickness. She'll probably wrap my workstation in Saran®) Besides, I may not have it. But if I don't, why did Dr. H say when I came in on Wednesday that I could jump queue and not wait in the waiting room?

And thanks to Sister for the flowers. They've bloomed and they rook mah-velous, darlink. And smell good too.

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