Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Spring! When a young girl's thoughts turn to...
Feeling better today. Probably mainly due to the fact that Ice Prince has finally stopped coughing after 4 weeks and I got a decent night’s sleep. Plus, spring is coming, which means three things:

#1 Patio Watch 2004:
All Church and Bloor readers are hereby on yellow alert for patio weather. Your liver deserves no less. Be prepared. It could happen at any time.

#2 It’s time to once again share with you my favourite spring poem:
Patio Sweaters
by Trevor Kriegel

Patio! Patio! Patio!
Spring's back in town
And I've got a radio!

It's patio time!
We'll drink drinks that call for limes!
The temperature is getting better,
But I still need a lightweight sweater!
It's patio time!

#3 The Ice Queen’s Annual Spring Fashion Statement:
Spring 2004 sees the Ice Queen wearing white gloves. And probably buying some bleach. (for the gloves, not the hair, silly rabbit)

I have been toying with the idea of asking Crabby and Sister to guest blog, since they don't seem to have time for their own blogs anymore. Or we could merge. Or "Corporate Takeover by Ice Queen!" What would we call an amalgamated blog?

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