Monday, March 08, 2004

Odds and ends
1. I didn't tell you about when my parents were down about two weeks ago. They have a new obsession. Orginally, I thought it was just my dad, but my mom is right in on it too.

They each have a Gameboy.

2. My slippers are black satin with green feathers on them.

3. Gay marriage: good. Planned C-sections without medical reasons (being a woose is not a medical reason): very very bad.

4. Oscars: I could do better. Event planning I mean.

5. I get to go out to Girl's Night on Saturday!

6. Stupid bloody snow. I left my boots at work. Why do we live in Canada? Why won't Fresh surprise me and take me somewhere warm? Why doesn't Dr. H prescribe that I spend the rest of March someplace warm, with seafood and wine and cats?

7. If I had a rocket launcher, I'd probably paint it a really nice colour.

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