Monday, January 14, 2008

Take This Job And…Pack It In Big Plastic Boxes To Move

Welcome to my last week at my job. I have loaded my mp3 player with lots of related songs and I thought, “Why not share the bounty?”

So if you would like one of my “Ice Queen Moves On” CDs, leave me a comment in the message board, including the one thing you think I should do during my last week here. The track list is eclectic, to say the least.

And if you’d like to recommend any songs about leaving, starting over, moving on, etc, please do. Always looking for new stuff.

Speaking of which, thanks to the people on Facebook’s Compare People who voted me Best Body, but what’s with not voting me Best Taste in Music? Doesn’t everyone appreciate 80’s music and novelty songs?

Oh, yeah, the new job. Still at the Behemoth. Still Communications Manager, new department. Extra week of vacation. Little bit more pay (probably amounts to a Grande Skinny Mocha Latte per week, which I must add are fantastic and only 90 calories at Starbucks. )To be located near St Patrick Station. So if you have any lunch or shop recommendation for that area (Art Gallery, Queen West) bring ‘em on.

In other news, my new camera has a half decent movie camera, so I may try a video post one of these days.

One last thing: We saw the movie Once on Saturday. You must see it. The music is amazing, especially “Falling Slowly”. It seems very Kevin Fox-esque. Which is a good thing.

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