Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nothin' in My Noggin!
So it's Saturday and I'm in the in between period between the old job and the new job. I finished everything well, so I don't have any worries about unfinished projects. And all I know about the new one is I'm on a project team that will start meeting in February. So right now there's nothing much in my brain, and it's a weird feeling. And I get a laptop, and possibly a RIM.

So at my farewell lunch yesterday, someone said they would miss my counter culture subversiveness. (Hey, in a bank it's not that tough to be quirky.) I hope the new department appreciates that. Maybe I should be a freelance subversive. I'll try not to wear the tiara on the first day, otherwise I'm just going to be myself.

Reminder to all that my 40th birthday is on New Year's Eve, so be prepared to receive an invitaion to something in about six months. I probably won't do it on New Year's Eve proper because everyone always claims they'll be available, and the no one is when it rolls around. So plan ahead! I'm only going to turn 40 once. Also any party suggestions are welcome.

Okay, Colin tells me that our board game intermission is over, so I have to go.

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