Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quitting: Not Another New Year's Resolution
I have a bad habit of thinking twice about quitting.

I remember when I quit my Master’s (Library and Information Science) I felt so guilty. I can’t quit something! That’s just wrong! I’m weak. I’m a bad person. No one will respect me. Turns out everyone cheered when I quit – no one thought I was the librarian type.

So I have a week and a half (less) until I start my new job and I’m feeling the same feelings. Yes, it’s the right decision. Absolutely. But I still feel like a quitter. Will they survive without me? Of course! It wouldn’t be as much fun around here, but I am planning on posting a photo essay on my cubicle entitled: “Hair today, gone tomorrow: A retrospective of Susan’s hair colour and weight over the past 10 years.”

So what else has happened since we last spoke? Chef School ROCKS. I got an A in Food Theory and I completed Southern Italian Cooking (an no-grade course.) Next up: Basic Baking which I start on Sunday. I figured that it’s easier to freelance with baked goods than with Hollandaise. Although I do love the term “monter au beurre” – it sounds dirty!

For Christmas I got a set of Lagostina pots and pans and for my birthday I got a big ass red enamel Kitchenaid roaster. It’s like a work of art!

I have managed to stay out of the Forest of Darkness, although I got pretty close right before New Year’s. So far 2008 is shaping up to be great, so I think there are no worries there.

More later. I have to start the new posting somewhere, right?


Maria said...

OMG, welcome back. I missed you so much!

Jamie said...

Welcome back...little by little, you'll get back in the habit!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, IQ!


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