Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Such excitement! Fresh has a new job as a Consultant Media and Government Relations. He starts on Feb 20th, so he may still have a chance to work a wee bit for what looks like will be the !nterim L!beral Leader before he goes.

Me, I seem to be very busy, doing a total rehaul of our Intranet site here at the Behemoth. I’m travelling around doing focus groups. Oh and I started up an Editorial Advisory Board for our newsletter. Who knew participatory democracy could be so time consuming?

And now that Fresh is free of the election, I’ll be returning to the gym. Most importantly, I’ve got a new battery for the mp3 player, so I am ready to sweat with the oldies. And by old, I mean 1980s.

On Saturday, I will be attending Maria’s citizenship party. I will NOT be wearing the tiara, but I think I’ll be wearing a red dress. Watch for me!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming..

(Crabby is cringing at the fact that I capitalized Intranet, I know she is!)

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