Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Adventures in Corporate Communications
I’m putting together some activities for a team building session. While surfing for new ideas on the ‘net, I found this gem:

Purpose of this activity: To encourage team members to take time to effectively problem solve by creating win-win solutions to important challenges.
Explanation: At your next staff meeting instruct all team members to arrive with their walking shoes on. (No high heels for the team building game.)

Divide your team into groups of three or more. Assign each group to a specific problem that the team is responsible for. In each group, assign a timekeeper, a scribe (someone to take notes), and a crossing guard (watch out for traffic!).

Each group will physically take a long walk outside. The goal here is take people outside their normal working routines. Critical thinking is supported as people are challenged to work outside their normal mode of operation. Let each group know that upon their return they will be expected to present their win-win solution to the larger group for consideration.

Part of their presentation must include some sort of key message that was inspired by something they saw outside during their Walk-A-Bout. The purpose here is to have some fun and add some creativity to the process. Reward and recognize those teams that provide the most unique and effective win-win solutions.

Okay, so let me get this straight. You send people for a walk and ask them to come back with a great idea? And someone actually took the time to write out the instructions for this activity? Now if you'll excuse me I have some deliverables to execute unsing cross-functional synergy.

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