Thursday, February 01, 2007

New From The Makers Of Ice Queen!
I subscribe to the Sweetspot newsletter. I read some of their site and liked it and asked to be put on their mailing list.

Since then, I have been receiving e-mails about $525 purses (sorry “leopard skin pony bag”), $179 foot massagers and how about this:

“Edgy Jewelry's flawless stones boast precision cuts and D colour - the cream of the crop. A two-carat shiner is a mere US$360 (allowing us spending room to dream of exotic honeymoon locations), and a tennis bracelet is less than US$600 (and says happy birthday to us!).

With accessible sticker value so close at hand, the words "I do" and "I definitely do for me" sound better than ever before.”

Accessible, my ass!

That’s why I’m starting up Cheapspot TO. The site for people who have no money, but still like to buy stuff.

Maybe I am cheap!


mona said...

For CheapspotTO, you should mention Fairweather this week. They have big fluffy sweaters for ten dollars.

Anonymous said...

Dudette, you seriously need to enable anon comments so people like me, non-Blogger types, can leave you comments and more hot shopping tips!


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