Monday, February 26, 2007

Testing, 1-2-3...Is this thing on?
Sorry for the slow posting. The blogto thing has been keeping me busy (my first restaurant review, Tuesday! Which might be today, depending on when you're reading this!) and I've been blue lately. Really blue. Possibly even indigo. Even though things are really going pretty well for me. Except for doing the work of 2 and a half people at work, but at least I'm not being laid off. Probably some sort of pinot noir deficiency. Fresh and I are planning on a getaway this weekend with food and wine and a jacuzzi,. Self-medicating. Anyhow, one of the few things that makes me smile these days is zefrank. Especially this. Enjoy responsibly, at home or with the headphones on. Safe for work, but singing involved.

Also, one of my favourites of all time: Steven Banks. Start with Home Entertainment Centre #1 and work your way through (the order matters, there is SOME plot.) Bloody brilliant. Again: singing involved.


Jamie said...

Congrats on the first BlogTO post! Sounds like I need to check out the gumbo (especially all attempts to make gumbo on my own tend to fail).

Eva said...

I can't read blogspot at work, and you don't have an rss feed, so I have to remember to drop in here once in a while to catch up. I AM, however, always up to date on BlogTO, and I READ YOUR PLANET AID REVIEW but didn't know it was YOU who wrote it!! I even clicked through to the Planet Aid website to see what it was about.

That's exciting!

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