Friday, September 08, 2006

Rose Coloured Glasses
I bought some new sunglasses – expensive for me: $9.99! Anyhow, they add a beautiful golden glow to everything, as if the sun is just rising or setting.

The TIFF is on (Toronto International Film Festival) and I’m right in the midst of the action at Bay and Bloor. Yesterday at lunch, I was going out and I ran into a free Barenaked Ladies concert on Bellair! I walked right up to the barrier and there they were. I don’t know how many songs they played, but the last one I heard was Brian Wilson. It made me so happy – I’ve never seen them live before! After that I tried to buy lunch somewhere and everywhere was packed. Pustateri’s was full of assistants at the deli counter. One had a giant dayplanner and a headpiece and was yelling into it; “No? Well, what DOES he eat then? How about Chicken Caesar?” Fresh saw Christopher Walken last month and last year Orlando Bloom watched Ice Prince have a temper tantrum. I‘ll let you know who I see this year.

Ice Prince is loving Grade One. Today is sunny and warm. My hair is perfect, my coffee is hot, the washer is fixed and my size 10 stuff is too big. Life is good.

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