Thursday, September 14, 2006

I only looked up because I heard the word “stud”
Remember the bedazzler? Well, Fresh and I were watching tv last night and an ad came on for GeMagic. It’s the bedazzler for the 21st century! (Although I’m pretty sure they just slapped a sticker with a new logo on all the old bedazzler guns in a warehouse in Topeka.)

But wait, there's more! Not only do you get the Bedazzler (sorry Gemagic), you also get the rhinestones, studs, transfers and a special GeMagic Transfer Tool. Know what a special GeMagic Transfer Tool is? A PENCIL! See it in the picture? It’s even pre-sharpened. Unless I didn’t read the print and it says “Recommended usage mode pictured. GeMagic Transfer Tool may not be exactly as illustrated.” Or maybe for another $19.95 they will sell you the special GeMagic Transfer Tool Maintenance Policy®, whereby you may ship your transfer tool to Topeka to be honed by trained GeMagic Transfer Tool Technicians.

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