Monday, April 18, 2011

You Can't Always Get What You Want
Have you ever rented a car?  90% of the time they don't have the car you reserved and they give you a different one.  "Sorry, but we're out of compacts...but we've got an 8 cylinder Chrysler Behemoth instead!"  What is the point of reserving if you don't get what you reserved?  Can you imagine this happening in other businesses?
  • "Sorry, we ran out of roast beef sandwiches, so I brought you tuna salad."
  • "We don't have those jeans in a size 8, but here's a size 16!"
  • "We didn't have any blonde dye left, so I made you a redhead!"
  • "Well, we ran out of King sized bed rooms, but we have this great bunk bed room for your honeymoon!"
  • "I didn't know how to do that little Chinese character you wanted tatooed on your back, so I did Hello Kitty, but I gave you an extra large one to make up for it!"

Oh, and while I'm here, how does Just For Men haircolour know what colour to make your hair? They only have 4 colours! I wish I were a man just to see if it worked.  I know I could try it anyway, but I don't have any grey hair yet. Not for lack of trying.

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