Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's Up? Nothing Much.

I have decided on a colour for the home office. It is "Truffle Oil". I'm waiting for the rain to stop to head out to Canadian Tire with my bundle buggy.

The house is clean. Ish. Okay, the main floor is clean. My empty frog tank is staring at me. Yes, my frogs all died in a tragic accident. I will be getting more next week. They are buried in the backyard under a wee cast iron frog statue.

I am addicted to gardening. Everytime I go to the corner store I buy more plants. Which is nice, because I always wanted time to make my garden beautiful. I'm still working on the back garden. I have tomatoes! And carrots!

Last night after I put Ice Prince to bed I was singing along to my mp3 player with headphones on when IP yelled downstairs: "Sing louder! That's really beautiful!" I've always loved singing. I'd love to take some lessons. I really need to do that.

I think the rain has stopped. Time to go to Canadian Tire, which is almost as much fun and as tempting as Shopper's Drug Mart. Whee!

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