Monday, August 14, 2006

What I did while Ice Prince was away:
Read a book. (The Girl With the Pearl Earring, if you must know)
Spent hours at Value Village and Goodwill. (Bought another pair of jeans, a jean skirt, shirts, jean jacket, etc etc.)
Ate in restaurants (Barrio and College Street Bar)
Almost caught up with the laundry.
Had coffee in a new local coffee house (Niche).
Packaged up all my old clothes to give away (see below. I’m kind of superstitious that as soon as I give them all away, I’ll gain all the weight back.)
Dyed my hair dark dark brown.
Bought a dress for my sister-in-law’s wedding. (Kind of stretchy dark brown. Simple, but nice, comfy and reusable. And flattering, of course!)
Got my nails done at a new place (Had TWO incidents with my former nail technician, who couldn’t seem to understand that I WORK and can’t just “come back in half an hour” at lunchtime)
And Fresh and I practiced “Landslide” together.

And then…Ice Prince came back. Dirty, tanned and ready to rumble.

Vacation in two weeks. Wedding, two days with Fresh at an inn and then up to my parents’ trailer for a couple more days. I’ve got a Bill Bryson book to read while I’m away and it’s hard to have the willpower not to crack it open yet.

Tonight, our friend Rich and his boyfriend Craig are coming for dinner all the way from Philadelphia! Ice Queen Cuisine: It's Worth the Eight Hour Drive to East York!

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