Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Have you ever wondered whatever became of me? I’m living on the air in Cincinnati.

Oh, I know, it’s been a long time. You’ve missed my insightful ponderings – such as: if police haves bikes, why don’t firefighters? (Don’t worry, I figured out the answer to that one.)

Fresh and I were blessed with a miracle yesterday. My parents came and took Ice Prince up to the trailer until Saturday. Last night, the house was quiet, and I kept having that nagging feeling that I’d forgotten something – like when you think maybe you left the iron on.

So Fresh and I are going out for dinner Thursday and Friday, and tonight we are going for COFFEE AFTER DINNER. Seriously, you childless people have no idea. I don’t leave the house after bedtime. It’s like house arrest. In fact, maybe I’ll commit a crime, since I’m doing the time anyhow.

Things are going well at work. The blog, which originally got rejected is now going to be a reality and everyone is very excited. Now I have to hold a seminar on “How to Write for a Blog”. That’ll be fun.

How’s the diet going? Pretty good. My net loss and gain is about even, so I’m pleased. On Monday, they are coming to take away all my size 14 clothes, so if you want anything….

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