Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still here. Still tongue-tied.
Now don't get all excited to hear from me. I'm just checking in so that you don't think I'm dead.

Ever since I got back from Chicago I've been...empty. There were some bad experiences - like my presentation sucking eggs and my ear being clogged for the first three days. Now that I'm back, I've been on a diet since May 11th and lost 13lbs so far. Our basement flooded and we had to move all of my parents furniture and rip up half the rug. And then get the drain pipes replaced, which involved digging up our garden and some of the garden we share with our neighbours. And it's been insanely busy at work. And today I am home while we finally have our ductless air conditioning installed, for which I cleaned out the wrong two closets, so now the contents of all of the upstairs closets are heaped on our bed.

Oh yeah, and I got in a snark fight with Ice Prince's Soccer Club and he won't be going there. Surprised? Me neither. Maybe I'll sign him up for ROTC (the Righteous Outrageous Twirling Corps).

Things at work are good, though. Lots of interviews. Lots of impressing executives.

And yet...I still don't feel like typing anything in here. I'm sure it will come back eventually.

So hang in there and I'll be back. Smaller and better than ever.

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