Thursday, February 05, 2004

Laugh? I thought I'd die!
For those just joining the show already in progress, I have a wee bit of pneumonia and I'm home sick for a few days. Plus today was my second round interview for the Dream Job®.

I am a make-up dunce. But somehow, the gods favoured me today and I used mosturizer, concealer and foundation to look absolutely dewy and glowing. My hair is perfect. I bought a designer blouse I've had my eye on that says "creative, but professional!" (not literally.)

My gym is in the same building as the interview. Brilliant. So I change at the gym. 5 minutes to spare! Up the elevator I go, hoping not to run into a woman I was supposed to meet yesterday and had to blow off due to the pneumonia.

The elevator doors open and there stands --- my boss's boss. The Senior VP. (he doesn't work in this building, but I guess he had a meeting) "What are you doing here? You should be home resting!" (Word seems to travel fast about my health)
Me: "I have a meeting."
VP: "With who? What could be more important than your health?
I muttered something, but I couldn't lie. I told him why I was there (he was very supportive). And told him I really was sick, not faking to go to the interview. I really hope he believes me. I like him and I wouldn't want him to think I was lying. But my face did look very healthy and wonderful. Arrrrrrghghghghggh!!!!!!

But the interview itself went perfectly, to make up for that horrible mortification. My prospective boss is wonderful. "You can have any software you want. And budget? Whatever you need to spend." I'll know early next week.

Yes! I hope the gods didn't waste all their good karma on making my- foundation apply evenly, 'cause I wouldn't mind a little help with getting the Dream Job®.

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