Friday, August 03, 2007

My $3000+ sushi lunch with Wendy

I had lunch with Wendy on Wednesday. She told me that she’s quit her job because life is too short to do something you don’t love. I agree. But I can’t quit my job.

So I thought about it, and I’m going to take part-time Chef training at George Brown College.

The way I figure it is even if it doesn’t pan out I’ll have lots of cool new equipment and some great techniques.

If it does pan out, I’ll be looking for investors in my restaurant. Start saving your money now!

(I sure hope I look good in the chef uniform. It's PANTS! *shudder*)


Anonymous said...

IQ, you should hit up liason college online to see if there are classes close to you in TO so you don't have to sink a tonne of money into chef schooling. Liason has a far better rep in the food industry than Charlie Brown does.


Wendy said...

Dude. I wish I motivated myself as well as I motivate others. :-)

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