Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We’re going to party like it’s two weeks ‘til 2007! Which is infinitely better than partying like it’s 1999! And with more exclamation points!

Yes, I’ve been neglectful. There’s been a lot going on. Oh, no big deal, really. Just having my fragile little ego stomped.

But hey, you don’t need to hear that. We’re having a PARTY on Saturday and YOU are invited! (Didn’t get your e-vite? Let me know!)

Dress code: Whatever, as long as it’s fabulous. And I wouldn’t have invited you if you weren’t fabulous. Goodwill’s having a 50% off sale tomorrow, so who knows what I may end up wearing.

And don’t forget to bring you instrument if you play one. I expect later in the evening, we may sing. Come early if live karaoke frightens you.

Don’t drink and drive! Taxis are plentiful! (Another good reason for me not to have a birthday party on New Year’s Eve.)

Oh yeah, and you get to see my new hairdo. Or as Ice Prince said “Hey! You’re wearing the wrong hair, Mommy!”

Speaking of which IP and I took the train to Ottawa last weekend. The train rolled into the station.
Me: We’re in Ottawa!
IP: But it looks just like home!
Me: What were you expecting?
IP: I thought it would be all Chinese! With sushi!
Me: It was a long train ride, but it wasn’t THAT long.

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